Trdelniks in Prague


That’s okay though. Things happen. What can you do? Choose happiness. Choose trdelniks.


DAY 1: October 7, 2016 – We arrived in Prague at around noon. It was such a beautiful day out that we decided to explore the PRAGUE CASTLE since it had some of the best views of Old Town Prague. If you decide to walk up the hill via the Prague Castle side, let me warn you. You have a decent amount of stairs in front of you; HOWEVER, it is completely worth it because you will be entering Prague Castle from the back where -HINT- fewer tourists are entering the grounds. We walked straight in without stopping. (We didn’t realize until we exited through the entrance that we actually came in the wrong side. Our “mistake” saved us about 15 to 20 minutes of waiting in line though.) Anywho… once inside the castle we explored the CATHEDRAL. This is where the big bummer of a situation happened. I dropped my new vlogging camera!! The lens got stuck and now it no longer turns on. (As I am writing this, I am still waiting to hear back from Media Markt to see if it is fixable…I am now accepting funds for the repairs. LOL but seriously). Although I was devastated and on the verge of tears, I didn’t want to sour the trip so I chose not to make of big deal of it externally.



Prague Squad continued on our adventure where we found the perfect photo location looking out over the entire city. If you are by Prague Castle, go to the roof of Starbucks. Its the ledge I am sitting/dancing on in the video. I really wanted to go to the top of PETRIN TOWER, but some of Prague Squad wasn’t convinced it was worth the walk. Needless to say, we decided to take the walk because who knows when we will be in Prague next?! It was a bit of a trek, but I am SO happy we decided to go. Jackie, Juan, Madison, Yana, and I walked to the top and the views were tremendous!!! Best part is there was a student discount. We got to the top right as the sun was setting, so there was the most gorgeous colors being casted all over the city. Those afraid of heights, BEWARE. When you are at the top, you can feel the tower slightly swaying in the wind. After Petrin Tower we went into the MIRROR LABYRINTH right next door. For those of you following my adventure, you know my run in with the Buda Castle Labyrinth was terrifying, but I thoroughly enjoyed the mirror maze! After that we just wandered around the city, grabbed a bite to eat, and took some night photos on the CHARLES BRIDGE.


DAY 2: Today was quite rainy and overcast. We got to see the NATIONAL MUSEUM, DANCING HOUSES, and then walked over the Charles Bridge to get to the JOHN LENNON WALL. Luckily, the rain let up throughout the day, so we were able to enjoy our time outdoors. We treated ourselves to some delicious trdlniks, and of the three places we tried throughout our trip, GOOD FOOD COFFEE & BAKERY was our favorite. (Clearly trdelniks are more geared towards tourists because the cafe was all in English). That evening we ran through the streets of Old Town Prague, only to miss the ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK by two short minutes. Izzy had heard about a great restaurant in the JEWISH QUARTER, so we explored that area for a little bit before eating at this place called GOLEM. This restaurant was adorable and laid back. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the quaint ambiance. The tone was definitely set by the live piano player and dim/cozy lighting. This was easily my favorite moment from Studying Abroad. After dinner, we were right on time to watch the Astronomial Clock before heading back to our Air BNB for the night.

Day 3: Our flight left at noon, so we decided to get up to watch the sun rise from the Charles Bridge. Even though it was too cloudy to see the sun, it was so fun getting to see the bridge without the hordes of tourists shuffling along. I would highly recommend going to the bridge at this time at least once during your trip!


Love love love all these travel buddies!!! Wish I could relive this trip…good thing there’s a vlog 😉


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