36 Hours in Stockholm


Izzy and I decided to book a trip to Stockholm because let me tell you, the flights were SO CHEAP! The only thing was, we were only going to spend 36 Hours actually in Stockholm. But hey! That is a full 36 hours in STOCKHOLM!! I think Stockholm has been my favorite place to visit so far on this trip. I had no clue what to expect, but from what I saw of Sweden, I really want to go back at some point!

We arrived in Stockholm at about 7:00pm on Friday, and after dropping off our bags at our Air Bnb, we went to go check out an ICE BAR! It was so cool (shout out to Izzy for the pun). Being cold is my absolute least favorite thing, but the novelty of a place made of entirely ice sounded so funny to Izzy and me. When in Stockholm, right?


The next morning we headed across town to go to SATURNUS BAKERY, which we were told has some of the biggest cinnamon buns in Stockholm. They were gigantic, and neither of us could finish them. Following breakfast, we headed over to the CHANGING OF THE GUARD outside of the ROYAL PALACE. It was so entertaining. All the music they played was so chipper and bright. Following the Changing of the Guard, we stopped in the NOBEL MUSEUM. The Museum was very interesting, but not as big as Izzy and I were expecting. I thought it was totally worth it to check it out nonetheless though. We then wondered around OLD TOWN. Even though Old Town is pretty touristy, all of the buildings are so adorable and quaint. We stopped into a few cute furniture stores (no not Ikea…haha), and even checked out a candy store that makes its own peppermint sticks and other goodies.

Stockholm has pretty good public transportation, so we took the metro to one of the other islands to check out the KING’s GARDENS. While 36 hours is definitely not enough time to fully embrace the city, its the perfect amount of time to dip your toes in to all that Stockholm has to offer. Simply wondering around the streets was such a fun activity. We watched the the sunset over Old Town from a little dock across the water. It was freezing, but such a great moment for me. I’d highly recommend checking out SKEPPSCOLMEN ISLAND for sunset. It was a very magical and surreal moment for me.


Once it got dark it was extremely chilly, so we decided to head back to the neighborhood around our Air Bnb to get some hot chocolate or something (my favorite!!). It was so cozy! I got this coconut covered chocolate ball that I had been seeing all over the city. 10/10 would recommend!

And as quickly as we arrived, our 36 hours in Stockholm had come to a close. Stockholm was a much bigger city than I was expecting, and some of the trendiness reminded me slightly of LA (I was shocked by this), but Old Town added the perfect mix of historic Europe that I love.

This was such a fun and fast paced visit. To fully experience the fun, see the vlog:

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