Chamonix Mont Blanc and Geneva


Cheap tickets to Geneva a shuttle to Chamonix in the French Alps?! Sign me up!! We flew into Geneva on Thursday night after class, so we could catch an early bus to Chamonix on Friday morning.

Day 1 (Oct. 14, 2016) – We took an hour bus ride to Chamonix! On the ride in, we even saw some Glaciers and Snow!! Crazy! Unfortunately, the weather was pretty rainy, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful town. I can only imagine what Chamonix would look like with clear skies right after a big snow storm. To get out of the rain we toured around the CHAMONIX ALPINE MUSEUM, which was pretty interesting. I never knew that Chamonix’s Winter Sports Festival inspired the creation of the Winter Olympics. We then got some hot coco (my favorite!!) before heading back to Geneva for the evening.

Day 2 – We only had one day in Geneva, but we also didn’t have too much of a plan for what we wanted to do. It was the week before finals week, so we were all happy just to wander around the city and take in the sights. We started out by walking along LAKE GENEVA to marvel at the JET D’EAU, which is the giant fountain in the middle of the lake. We then continued on to wander around old town. I would highly highly highly recommend a going to the top of SAINT PIERRE’s CATHEDRAL. It has the best vantage point over all of Geneva. We were unbelievably lucky because the sky was impeccably clear that day. We could see clear to the top of the surrounding mountains.

After taking a climb to the top of the cathedral, we meandered to PLAINE DE PLAINPALAIS. Its this giant open space that has a massive flea market on Saturdays. While none of us were too keen on the Flea Market, its definitely a place for some serious antiquing. I really just loved sitting and people watching. It was the first warm day we had experienced in a while, so basking in the sun felt lovely. After grabbing some lunch we headed over to the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS. We all had fun walking around the grounds. We even popped our heads into MUSEE ARIANA, which houses ceramics from all over the world. While Holly explored most of the museum, the rest of us accidentally took a solid power nap on some of the couches in the lobby. (whoops! haha) In the same area, you can visit the RED CROSS MUSEUM, while it would have been fun to spend sometime in that museum, they didn’t have a student discount, so we decided to go watch the sunset over lake Geneva instead. We all just picked up some food from a local grocery store and sat on a bridge to watch the sunset. All of us realized how hysterical we must have looked because so many locals would pass us and chuckle as the said “bon appétit!”

Overall, our trip was such a success! I got to drink hot chocolate in the alps (TWICE), so honestly what could be better?!



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