5 Days in Iceland – Sibling Road Trip – Day 1

Every year my brother and I go on a sibling reunion. Last year we visited the Grand Canyon, and this year we decided to go international! Follow along on our 5 day trip to Iceland! We arrived in Iceland at 1pm on May 15, 2017. It was both of our first times traveling to Iceland, so … Continue reading 5 Days in Iceland – Sibling Road Trip – Day 1


Tips for Traveling with a Group of Friends

What this should really be titled is "How to Travel with Friends and Still be Friends When You Arrive Home" - but I thought that was a little aggressive. Traveling is always an amazing experience, but as the saying goes "it doesn't matter where you are, but it's who you're with that really matters." Sure. … Continue reading Tips for Traveling with a Group of Friends

How to Save Money to Travel on a Student Budget – During Your Trip

If you haven't booked your travel plans yet, check out my tips for how to save money to travel BEFORE your trip. Either way, just to reiterate: PRIORITIZE TRAVEL The most efficient way to save money to travel is to make your adventures a priority in your life. If traveling is high on your list … Continue reading How to Save Money to Travel on a Student Budget – During Your Trip

Chamonix Mont Blanc and Geneva

WE MADE IT TO THE FRENCH ALPS!!! Cheap tickets to Geneva a shuttle to Chamonix in the French Alps?! Sign me up!! We flew into Geneva on Thursday night after class, so we could catch an early bus to Chamonix on Friday morning. Day 1 (Oct. 14, 2016) - We took an hour bus ride … Continue reading Chamonix Mont Blanc and Geneva

Trdelniks in Prague

I BROKE MY CAMERA IN PRAGUE!! 😥 That's okay though. Things happen. What can you do? Choose happiness. Choose trdelniks. DAY 1: October 7, 2016 - We arrived in Prague at around noon. It was such a beautiful day out that we decided to explore the PRAGUE CASTLE since it had some of the best … Continue reading Trdelniks in Prague

36 Hours in Stockholm

WE WENT TO AN ICE BAR IN STOCKHOLM! Izzy and I decided to book a trip to Stockholm because let me tell you, the flights were SO CHEAP! The only thing was, we were only going to spend 36 Hours actually in Stockholm. But hey! That is a full 36 hours in STOCKHOLM!! I think … Continue reading 36 Hours in Stockholm

Day Trip to Cologne

I WENT TO A CHOCOLATE MUSEUM! This week I decided to stay back in Maastricht over the weekend to study for midterms; however, Holly and I decided to take a day trip to Cologne, Germany on September 28th! We decided to get up super early to catch a 6:11am train out of Maastricht; however, we … Continue reading Day Trip to Cologne