A Weekend in Amsterdam

I LOST MY VOICE!!! I was so lucky it didn’t completely disappear, but talking was definitely a struggle this week. Monday through Friday was filled with all sorts of orientation activities. Getting to learn more about how classes are taught and taking tours of the various academic buildings was super helpful in preparing for the start of classes the following week.

I definitely feel like I’m getting to know Maastricht more and more each day. I was finally able to get a bike this week, which allows me to get around the city much easier. Taxi bike is a real trooper (haha). Also, and more importantly, I TRIED THE FAMOUS FRIES WITH MAYONNAISE THIS WEEK! So good. Everyone needs to go to Reitz and get a cone.

CC with freitz
My one true love.

During the weekend, Braden, Lucia, and I headed off to Amsterdam. My goodness, Amsterdam is gorgeous. While I wasn’t as big of a fan of the tourist areas, I absolutely LOVED wandering along the canals in the less congested areas. We arrived Friday (9/2) evening and left Monday (9/5) morning.

Friday: Since we all had a pretty busy week, we just grabbed dinner and walked around the city taking night pictures and admiring the canals.


Saturday: We toured all over the city! Our first stop was De Gooyer, the tallest windmill in Holland. We then made our way to the I AMsterdam sign and Van Gogh Museum. Following the museum, we unsuccessfully checked out the Anne Frank House. Since we were not able to get inside, I guess we will have to go back!! That night we ate at the most adorable restaurant on one of the major canals. You can see our view in the clip of the time-lapse with the sun setting. We sat right on the water! There wasn’t even a railing!! After that, we took a very brisk walk through the Red Light District, because its Amsterdam and well…why not. SUPER touristy. My goodness. Don’t worry family, I was more intrigued with my ice cream than Amsterdam’s night life.

Sunday: This was another full day! We knew it would be pretty rainy, so we planned to check out a lot of museums. We started our day at Instock Cafe. If you are ever in Amsterdam GO! I rave about it enough in the video, so I’ll move on… We started our museum tour at the EYE Museum, which is a large Cinema Museum. I was in love. This museum definitely rivals the Newseum in Washing, DC for my favorite museum. Following the EYE Museum we headed to Nemo, which was an interactive science museum. This one was definitely geared towards kids, but hey! We had a ton of fun checking out all the interesting experiments. We definitely will not forget the Teen section of the museum. HAHA Following the Nemo Museum we visited Rembrandt’s house. Then before heading to our final museum of the day, we got waffles and ice cream. They are so yummy! We were excited because we found a Banksy and Warhol Museum. I found it extremely interesting how the museum compared Banksy to being the Warhol of this generation. Overall, I was impressed by the museum. A lot of culturally and socially conscious art. That night we just grabbed some dinner, then slowly meandered back to out favorite new place, INSTOCK CAFE, for their dessert. Because they never know what food they will have in the kitchen until the morning, their dishes are different everyday. That night, they were serving this delicious banana bread. Did I mention I would recommend this place? hahaha

I really loved Amsterdam, and will make sure to head back there at some point. When I go back, I’d love to stay at one of the traditional houses on the canal and just have a relaxed week strolling around and boating through the canals. One day…

Here’s a vlog of the trip. I returned to Amsterdam two or three more times during my stay in Maastricht, so I will update a more in depth travel itinerary later:

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