A Very Dutch Weekend – The Hague and Zaanse Schans

IK BEN CATHERINE. HOE HEET JIJ? Everybody, I'm going Dutch!! This week was my first week of class, and let me tell you, the work load here is quite different from what I am used to at USC. Not to mention, that I am not involved in nearly as many extracurriculars here in comparison to … Continue reading A Very Dutch Weekend – The Hague and Zaanse Schans

A Weekend in Amsterdam

I LOST MY VOICE!!! I was so lucky it didn't completely disappear, but talking was definitely a struggle this week. Monday through Friday was filled with all sorts of orientation activities. Getting to learn more about how classes are taught and taking tours of the various academic buildings was super helpful in preparing for the … Continue reading A Weekend in Amsterdam

Welcome to Maastricht

I'm off on my European Study Abroad Adventure!! I arrived in Maastricht on Friday, August 19th. I spent most of the days getting acquainted with the city and participating in programs put on by CES at Maastricht University. Needless to say, I am already having a blast making new friends and learning about a new … Continue reading Welcome to Maastricht