Discovering Hanoi

Day 12 - HANOI IS SO the best way possible!! It's unlike any city I've ever been to before, and you can't help but jump in and try to (quite literally) go with the flow. First off, let me say that this day was BRUTALLY hot, and we were outside touring around Hanoi for … Continue reading Discovering Hanoi


Traveling to Hanoi

Day 11- Today was a pretty much just a travel day. We had a free morning to explore Vientiane in the morning. I took advantage of having some free time to finally sleep in and catch up on some much needed rest. Our flight to Hanoi, Vietnam was at about 1:00 in the afternoon. It … Continue reading Traveling to Hanoi

A Tour of Vientiane

Day 10- The skies had opened up when I woke up this morning. Probably the best time it could have rained though because we had a 4 hour bus journey to the capital city of Laos - Vientiane. Luckily by the time we arrived in the city, the skies had cleared. After dropping off our … Continue reading A Tour of Vientiane

Adventure Day in Vang Vieng

Day 9- Adventure day!!! We woke up in our homestay and had a super yummy homemade breakfast. After breakfast, we left the village and headed back into the city of Vang Vieng. There are a ton of really exciting outdoor activities around the town, so we spent all day tubing, kayaking, and swimming! In the … Continue reading Adventure Day in Vang Vieng

Homestay in Ban Na Douang Village

Day 8- Today was an amazing day!! We had a six hour drive through the stunning mountainous country side of Laos. Those with weak stomachs beware! The entire drive was full of sharp turns and switchbacks in order to make it through the mountains. It was so worth it though because we stopped at the … Continue reading Homestay in Ban Na Douang Village