48 Hours in Portland, Oregon – The Food Tour

This past fall my brother and I had the opportunity to travel to Portland, Oregon. He works full time, and I’m a full time student. So, we worked with the time constraints we had and met up for the weekend in Portland! It was both of our first trip to PDX, so obviously we followed our stomachs and sense of adventure around for the entire 48 Hours! Here are our tips for the 48 Hour Foodie Tour of Portland (with a bonus “hike” for you health nuts!)

Day 1:

Breakfast – Beeswing

We both went with the Biscuit Sandwich that was recommended to us by the cashier.  10/10 recommend!! The sandwich was the perfect start to our adventure day. It was filling and hearty, but didn’t give you that “too full” feeling that some big breakfast sandwiches give you.

Afternoon Activity – Trail of Ten Falls

This was 8 or so mile hike was GORGEOUS!! A lot of the parks were closed down due to recent wildfires, but we were pleasantly surprised with our reroute to the Trail of Ten Falls. About an hour and a half South of Portland, this nature walk leads you around to…(you guessed it!)…ten waterfalls! They all differ in size and length, but for some of them, the trail offers you the unique path of walking behind the falls. Be prepared for mud, but other than that, this “hike” is not too treacherous at all.

Lunch – East Side Delicatessen

Before embarking on our hike we stopped to pick up some sandwiches. This was a great choice, so that we could eat along the trail and not get bogged down with needing to end our adventure early due to hanger.

I’m keeping this pic HUGE bc it honestly cracks me up so much…So much beauty hidden behind a half eaten hoagie. 😂

Dinner – Pok Pok

This Thai place was trendy as hell!!! (“heck” … sorry mom) Granted we went on a Saturday night right at dinner hour, but there was still about an hour wait. Nonetheless, Pok Pok serves (I’ve yet to visit Thailand, but what I would consider) authentic Thai cuisine. We got split one order of Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings and I think the Yam Makheua Yao (eggplant salad). The wings were phenomenal!!! We both agreed we could have kept eating those for days. The eggplant was an interesting texture, that I personally was not a fan of, but the flavors were super yummy!

Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings

Dessert – Salt and Straw

DUH! Salt and Straw was started in Portland, so of course we had to finish the day off with a giant scoop in a waffle cone. Lucky for us, there was one right down the street from Pok Pok!

Day 1:

I’m not even gonna break this day up into meals because, well, we literally just ate non-stop.

Stop 1 – Blue Star Donuts

We needed to contribute to the Portland Donut Debate: Blue Star Donuts vs. Voodoo Donuts. There are multiple Blue Star locations around Portland, so you’ll be sure to find one close to you. Blue Star has very gourmet “adult” donuts, as I was calling them. They have very creative flavors that allow for a unique and satisfying experience. I’d say this is your best bet for a “lighter” breakfast donut.

Stop 2 – Cacao 

Two words: DRINKING. CHOCOLATE. I’m hooked. Must I go on? We stumbled upon this place by just strolling around downtown Portland (it’s also right down the block from a Blue Star), but man was it a great find! And lucky me…what did I find in my stocking at Christmas, but my very own Premium Drinking Chocolate! ❤️

Stop 3 – Grassa

We both agreed that after two very rich and sweet stops, we needed some carbs. After wandering for no more than a block or two, we stumbled into this handmade pasta restaurant!  We hopped up to the tiny little bar seating where we got to watch them make the pasta. Since we were on our little eating tour, we decided to split their Seasonal Butternut Squash option. SOOO GOOD!! Hands down one of my favorite pasta dishes I’ve ever encountered. That says a lot coming from me – a self proclaimed Pasta Queen. While we were eating we even chatted up the pasta-maker to learn more about his job. Sign me up!!

Stop 4 – Deschutes Brewery

Tbh, we didn’t eat or drink here. Beer wasn’t really appealing to our stomach that was already filled with donuts, chocolate, and pasta. Our Dad was at some event this day and saw this Portland Brewery. It was right around the corner from us, so we decided to stop in and get him a souvenir. Looked like fun, and according to our father, the beer is not bad!


Stop 5 – Bamboo Sushi

Now I bet you’re thinking, “How and why are they eating so much?” Well, we were thinking that too, but sushi is sushi, so the show must go on. And what a time we had!! We “accidentally” (freudian slip?) ordered three rolls to share instead of two. Both were absolutely delicious. I have no clue which ones we ordered, but I have a feeling everything here tastes like heaven.


Stop 6 – Voodoo Donuts

Our final stop on our food tour and arguably the most important one because we can finally now chime in on the Portland Donut Debate! Voodoo is undoubtably a unique eating experience. The store alone pulls in nearly all of your senses. But just look at these crazy donuts!!!! In comparison to Blue Star, these are definitely more of a “dessert donut” and packed with sugar, and if it wasn’t clear already…I have a huge sweet tooth.

So which donut shop do I feel wins the title of “Best Donuts in Portland”? Check out my video below where I break each shop down into more detail and reveal my favorite!



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