Adventure Day in Vang Vieng

Day 9-

Adventure day!!! We woke up in our homestay and had a super yummy homemade breakfast. After breakfast, we left the village and headed back into the city of Vang Vieng. There are a ton of really exciting outdoor activities around the town, so we spent all day tubing, kayaking, and swimming!

In the early afternoon we headed to a cave. The only way to get into the cave is to use headlamps and sit in a giant inflatable inner tube and pull yourself down the water. After about three minutes of pulling yourself along, we were in complete darkness except for our headlamps. It felt like a real life version of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney. It was definitely something worth experiencing at least once. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the experience because it was nearly pitch black in the caves!!

We had an amazing lunch of shish kabobs, fried rice served on a banana leaf, and pineapple. From there, we headed up the river to go kayaking. My arms were already so tired from pulling myself through the caves!! Nonetheless, kayaking down the river surrounded by the lush was absolutely stunning!


From there, we could either hike or go hang out at the blue lagoon. As much as I wanted to see the views at the end of the hike, it was just too dang hot for another physical activity. So I headed to the blue lagoon to just relax and people watch.


That night I had the most gorgeous view from my hotel room. The sun set just behind the rolling mountains. We got dinner at a restaurant in town, but I was laughing because they played “Friends” at the entrance. Apparently traditional Lao restaurants in more touristy areas would play “Friends” to attract westerners to come in and eat. How hysterical!!!

It was no surprise that I fell asleep immediately after dinner. I was WIPED OUT!!!


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