Homestay in Ban Na Douang Village

Day 8-

Today was an amazing day!! We had a six hour drive through the stunning mountainous country side of Laos. Those with weak stomachs beware! The entire drive was full of sharp turns and switchbacks in order to make it through the mountains. It was so worth it though because we stopped at the craziest rest stop with the most stunning views. We ate lunch in a little restaurant made of all glass, as to make the rolling mountain ranges easy to see. The funniest thing was the bathrooms though!!! The toilets were open air. I was saying that you could “Poo with a View” LOL I’m a strange one.


Later in the day we arrived in Ban Na Douang Village to gain a deeper understanding of Lao culture through a homestay. The woman I stayed with is a teacher and welcomed me with a beautiful traditional Lao skirt to borrow for my stay and a bracelet for safe travels.


We had the chance to walk around a bit before dinner, which was a great opportunity to see what life in the village was like. I learned that this is actually not considered to be a very rural village. On the contrary, it is quite wealthy and the kids are able to learn English. All the children would welcome us and come up to us to say hello. One sweet little girl even gave me a tiny flower! She was so shy, but so proud of herself afterwards. It was adorable!


The village chief and his family then cooked us dinner before we ended the day with the village children who taught us a Vietnamese-Lao Friendship Dance. It was such a great experience interacting with everyone in the village!! The kids seemed so happy to teach us the traditional Lao dances, but I was cracking up when we ended the night with a sweaty rendition of Gangnam Style!

It’s been amazing to learn about the Lao people and culture. Everyone I’ve come across has been so welcoming and open to share their lives with me even though I’m just passing through their gorgeous country.



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