My Go To Travel Apps

I lived in Europe for five months without a phone plan. I put my phone on airplane mode from the time I took off in the United States in August and left it that way all the way until I landed back in the States at the end of December. Free Wifi is much more present throughout Europe than it is in the States. However, there are plenty of apps that I like to take advantage of whether or not I know that I am going to have access to Wifi. Here are my Top 5 go to travel apps:


I love tracking all the places I’ve been. BEEN get it? It’s the name of the app. Honestly, I’ve introduced this app to so many people. It will keep track what countries and US States you’ve visited. It also has a feature that allows you to see what percentage of of the world, continent, or US you’ve seen. I love touching down somewhere new and checking off a new country or state! This isn’t really a necessity, but I love it!

Google Maps

Because I didn’t have the creature comforts of LTE when I was out and about exploring, I did my research to ensure I wouldn’t get myself into any precarious situations by getting myself lost. What people are slowly starting to realize is that you can download whatever specific region you need on Google Maps and use it offline. This is a LIFE SAVER because even in airplane mode, your phone’s GPS will still work. So now you can walk like a local (aka confidently) to that precariously placed Airbnb you booked and not get lost.

This is also super helpful for plotting your points of interest into “Your Places” before your trip. It’s like your own personal sight-seeing map. **Just make sure to screenshot the map you created and its legend with all the names of the places you are seeing before leaving Wifi. “Your Places” does not work offline, but you can still use the downloaded map to search for each individual location and get walking directions from your exact location.


For official direction on how to use offline maps check out Google’s help page here.

Google Translate

Maybe this is self explanatory. Maybe its not. I don’t know. I just highly recommend this one.

BUT what some people don’t realize is that 1. you can download certain languages to use offline and 2. there is a feature where you can hold your camera up to a sign and the app will translate it for you on your screen. (Also very helpful for your language homework…but you didn’t hear it from me.)


If you’re anything like me, a cheap flight makes all the difference when it comes to the planning stages of your trip. This app will help you track when the best time is to buy flights. I use this app a lot, but definitely use your best judgement and stick to your budget. This company works off of predictions, so you never know sometimes! Airlines are crazy. Why gamble when you can track a flight to the top destination on your bucket list?

Also SO not important, but the app comes with SUPER CUTE stickers to use in iMessage. Just sayin.



For when you’re traveling with friends and you’re trying to keep the funds even (or they are super nice and spotted you a few too many times…we’ve all been there. Don’t lie to yourself.)

-Not gonna show you a pic of my Venmo…sorry not sorry-

Let me know if there are any travel apps you really enjoy that you think I should check out!


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