Two Days in Budapest

WE MADE IT TO BUDAPEST!! This was an action packed adventure, dear goodness.

Day 1: So we arrived in Budapest at around 11am on September 16th. We took a car to our Airbnb where we talked with our host about some of her favorite places to check out in the city. She said Budapest needs at least three or four days to pack everything in…Well, we took that challenge because we were prepared to pack everything in before our flight on Sunday at 3:00pm.

Our first stop was to get CHIMNEY CAKES. If you are going to Budapest this a must in my opinion. I’m very biased, as anything sugary topped with extra sugar is sure to win me over. After that we walked to DOHÁNY STREET SYNAGOGUE and SZENT ISTVÁN BAZILIKA. After grabbing some treats at a little pop up food festival, we began our long trek to the City Park. Along the way we stopped at the historic OPERA HOUSE and visited the HOUSE OF TERROR MUSEUM. If you’re going to see one museum in Budapest, all four of us strongly recommend the House of Terror. We learned a lot about Budapest in the 1900s and the effect the Nazi and Soviet reign of terror had on the city. Seeing this museum on the first day definitely enhanced the trip as we had a deeper understanding of the city’s recent history.

After the museum, we made it to CITY PARK. We then saw, HEROES’ SQUARE, VAJDAHUNYAD CASTLE (there’s a reason I don’t say these names in the vlog…LOL), and the SZÉCHENYI THERMAL BATHS. While we did not take a swim, it was fun to see!! I think I’d opt to try one of the more traditional baths located all over the city if I were to go back. At this point we’d been walking for about six hours, so we got dinner in the park. I discovered that Hungarians aren’t just gloating when they advertise their famous paprika. I think I had paprika in all of my meals and WOW. It was delicious. After dinner we had a failed attempt of getting on a night bus that would take us around the city. We were told that Budapest is the Paris of Eastern Europe. I don’t know Europe well enough to weigh in on that saying, but I will tell you, Budapest at night without a doubt does put up a good fight for being as magical as the good ole’ City of Lights. We went on a night boat cruise down the Danube. (even writing that sentence gives me chills because I still can’t believe that’s something that I can say I’ve done in my life time.) The Parliament Building and Buda Castle are unreal!! If you are in Budapest, TAKE A NIGHT CRUISE DOWN THE DANUBE. I added and crossed that off my Bucket List…you should too. 😉

Day 2: We decided to wake up early and go find some yummy Hungarian breakfast. Once again, more paprika!! I had this Hungarian scrambled eggs situation, which we all agreed is most likely hangover food. For me, it was just a super yummy and filing breakfast that gave me the idea to put paprika in my scrambled eggs. LOL We then took our Big Bus Tour to the CITADEL, which boasts one of the best views of Budapest. Saturday was extremely rainy and overcast, so that day did not have the best views. No worries! We got the point. haha In that same area we were able to check out the LIBERTY STATUE, which overlooks the entire city. Also met Cheryl, looked for Helen’s email, and avoided pickpockets…all of which are inside jokes I wont take the time to explain. After waiting for Big Bus, we made it to CENTRAL MARKET HALL, a touristy Hungarian market. I bought some paprika in a jar to make those scrambled eggs I am now obsessed with. Hopped back on Big Bus to go back to the Buda side of the Danube and explore BUDA CASTLE. O.M.G. can we talk about that Funicular Ride? How fun! The skies started to clear, as we explored the old city.

Then the LABYRINTH OF BUDA CASTLE happened, and I think the video says it all with this one. Then we had another #MagicalBudapestMoment when we witnessed like 3 or 4 weddings happening at the beautiful MÁTYÁS TEMPLOM, with the receptions happening at FISHERMAN’s BASTION. The Bastion is easily now on my top 10 favorite places in the world…need I say more? We then took our last Big Bus ride to the PARLIAMENT BUILDING. We then took a lovely walk in the rain to try to find this quirky bar, SZIMPLA KERT RUIN PUBS. After briefly checking it out we decided to snag a more traditional Hungarian dinner and then a not so traditional milkshake. The day was done and we were exhausted!!

Day 3: We woke up early enough to go back up to the Citadel because the skies were extremely clear after the storm from the day before. I can’t think of a more perfect end to the trip. Budapest, you’ve got me hooked!

View from Citadel
View from Citadel

This was a fun trip! Definitely watch me get freaked out inside the labyrinth that housed Dracula. I was very freaked out…

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