Day Trip to Cologne


This week I decided to stay back in Maastricht over the weekend to study for midterms; however, Holly and I decided to take a day trip to Cologne, Germany on September 28th! We decided to get up super early to catch a 6:11am train out of Maastricht; however, we needed to take four different trains just to get to Cologne. The other three trains were all delayed, which actually worked out perfectly! By the time we got to Cologne, we were so hungry for breakfast, but nothing really seemed to be open yet.


While we were there we visited the amazing COLOGNE CATHEDRAL. It is the biggest cathedral I have ever seen. Going to Cologne just to see the Cathedral is completely worth it in my opinion. My favorite part of the day was definitely exploring the CHOCOLATE MUSEUM. I didn’t know such a thing existed, but let me tell you. I loved it!! hahaha (as to be expected). We learned all about the chocolate business through the years, how chocolate was used as a form of currency that only the wealthy could afford, and all the various steps that are used to make chocolate today. I would definitely recommend adding this to your list of things to do while in Cologne. I loved it…obviously. After that, we just kind of walked around and took in the sights of Cologne. We wandered all the way out to the BOTANICAL GARDENS, which were very pretty. Then on our way back, we took a walk down the Rhine River, which was SO pretty. Along the river we stumbled into an old car show where we grabbed some lunch. It was such a funny experience. Cologne was definitely the perfect study break/day-cation!

If you want a detailed viewing of the chocolate museum (um hello…you do), I recommend watching the vlog:

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